• SEX: Male
    • DOB: 9/8/19
    • DATE AVAILABLE: 11/11/19
    • COLOR: White
    • PARENTS: Ras malai x Ghost
    • PUPPY DESCRIPTION: Casanova is an absolute luxury puppy, from his exquisite looks to his super soft plush coat he has it all! He is the perfect example of a premium white imperial Shih tzu with a to die for baby doll face. Casanova is such a sweet puppy as soon as he hears a human voice he runs up to you and gives you the cutest puppy eyes expressing he wants to be picked up and cuddled. He will be the perfect pet to any loving family or person! If you are ready to make this baby part of your family please fill out our puppy application form.


    *Please contact me ONLY if you are ready to take him home and you have already discussed with your spouse/partner*

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