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   We are a small in home breeder of the magnificent

Imperial Shih tzu. My affair with the breed started when I was very young. A family member owned two lovely tiny Shih tzu (black/white) to be exact. I remember admiring them every time I saw them.

I was also mesmerized by how friendly and calm they were, even with strangers. While growing up, it was impossible owning one. I promised myself that owning a Shih tzu puppy was going to be a goal that I had to achieve, and so I did. My Shih tzu complete me, without them my life wouldn't be the same. I cannot tell you what a great investment I've done for myself. Every morning they greet me with their sweet loving kisses. 

I've owned other breeds but nothing surpasses the

Shih tzu, they are so smart and human like! This is the reason why I decided to start my own breeding program, for the love of the Shih tzu breed. My ultimate goal and satisfaction is to produce better, healthier, more beautiful Shih tzu. Additionally I would love to enhance, and make difference in the breeding community. I also want others to experience what it is to be owned by a Shih tzu. You can't ask for a better listener, lap warmer, or loyal friend.

Here at Luxurious Shih tzu, we have a "Passion for Perfection". I'm very cautious about bringing anything directly into my breeding program that is significantly outside my overall picture of breed. I do my best to make it a point to have a very clear mental idea of what I consider correct for the Shih tzu breed, for I use only those who maintain that exact image. The perfect breeding program has taken me years to achieve, extensive research and study. Now that I have finally achieved it, I could share my passion for Shih tzu with others and enhance their life with joy and happiness. I have done all the hard work for you; now its your turn to be owned by one of our Luxurious Shih tzu!



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