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Upcoming Litters

Due to the high demand of our puppies, we are no longer keeping a waiting list. All puppies will now be sold on a first come first served basis to approved loving homes. If you would like own one of our precious little jewels please join our newsletter to be notified of upcoming litters, newborn puppies & availability!


***Returning client's always get first priority in our available puppies

Breeder will always have first pick of every litter produced, this is intended for the betterment of our own breeding program which will allow us to keep producing the most beautiful correct Imperial Shih tzu!

Planned Litters for 2023

Our puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration (meaning on a spay/neuter pet contract).


Ch Sired Olive x Viking
We've been waiting on this girly to come into season since March! Waiting patiently on Mother nature hopefully is any day now. We have a lot of people waiting on a pup from this cross! 
Expected Colors: Black, Chocolate, and Parti.


Posh x Chedda
Should be coming into season in June.
Expected Colors: Gold, White, Cream and Parti.


Cielo x ?
Should be coming into season in July. We have a gorgeous solid White (outside) stud lined up for her. We will announce once we have finalized with our breeder friend!
Expected Colors: White, Cream, and parti.


Cielo x Chedda
Should be coming into season in July
Expected Colors: White, Cream, and parti.


Milan x Viking
Should be coming into season in Aug
Expected Colors: Red, Gold, Chocolate, Black and parti.


Ivy x Fuego
Should be coming into season in Oct
Expected Colors: Vibrant Red, Gold, and parti.

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